Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alice IIII


Concert was absolutely brutal... For those of you who have never had the pleasure of going to an Alice concert I have nothing for you but pity. If any band in the world could put on a show like this then Alice wouldnt be Alice. & I would die. Because truth is you will not see such an epic show after seeing Alice. Theatrics that are in my humble opinion unrivalled. Lyrics that are as perinent now as when he first tipped pen to paper. & every last silver tipped breath that you take as you watch the drama unfold is bated.

Alice IV will be coming soon enough & then the house of cards will fall almost complete.

[Spesh mention to Electric Mary. For an opener band these guys sure did rock hard. I wouldnt think twice before downing $50 bucks to see these guys. Lead singer needs to ditch the cowboy hat & maybe less repeditive lyrics. Otherwise mass props.]

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Metal is the new Metal

Okay, realising that Ive been really slack with the blogs of late. What I have posted has been a bit shit & brief to boot. (Prolly explains why there are no fans yet...) No longer.

Not entirely sure what I wish to ramble on today, except to sat that the time is ticking down until I see Alice Cooper live again. Last show was brilliant. We saw him in Canberra & unlike the Sydney show we saw him at we were allowed to take photos during the concert. I was in the front of the front rows & ended up with a fistful of Alice money & some signed shit... Also bought a T-Shirt [as you do]

On the flip side, Sydney show was good because I spent it with his sound engineer who let me fiddle about with the levels during 'Woman of Mass Destruction". He was actually a pretty funny guy & the board he was running was off the fucking charts. Wonder if he's doing this tour as well?

Anyway, besides that Im hanging for the Dream Theater tour coming down to Aus this year [finally] so as soon as tix are on sale I will be there with a credit card awaiting. Slayer & Megadeth are also going to be in town soon which Im pretty pumped about. Its good that we're finally getting some real good acts down here, some of them for the first time.

Will prolly be back with further ramblings later. Its too early in the day for me to go on a proper rant.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cohort 1

Ep 1 of the Cohort 1 podcast is almost ready. If you have any Ideas as to what you want to hear, post it into @brutalplanett on twitter.

We've decided that we want to do some more recording before we roll this one out so stay tuned.

Tell us your top 5 things you hate list.