Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Starve before you drown

I cant take another three night stand
Broken shatters of my heart beating
Looking at a bland 
new day. Screw day. Dont want to be with you day. 

Drown my voice out, carried away
Yeah my hearts on fire
Burning for nothing but another
Play? What can i say?

Yeah - i want to be loved but im fading away.

So dash the park, bottle of dan
At least alone i still have one man
But he makes me say things i dont understand
Push you further with forked tongue & hand

Yeah hell never leave me
But he'll never love me either
Disappintment sores higher
Keep kicking out the fire

Broken clawed to feel feelings
I hope not desire
Strangle feelings of affection
another affliction i wont action

Cant demand this satisfaction
Zombie blood pumping to each new faction
But cant decide which lives -
or if i choose inaction

Bless me another blow
Another one you think id know
Gotta let it go.
Cause the truth is i deserve to be alone. 

Yeah i want to be but ill starve before i drown in love

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wake the dead

Peering through pink frosting
& fairy floss
Lolling on my own thoughts
Lagging alone
Shredded veins on silver
Only the ink saves me

Imagine all the be I could
Letting it lie
Cause even when im screaming
I cant wake the dead inside

Behind the facade i watch
Write the better nightmare
You took the good stuff
You didnt even want
If i could only reach me
On my old star id burn again

Try & catch on to something
Someone who might care
Imagine you there
Too close so on i roll
Alone and hollow
Built of stone

Carving my dream into yours
Closing all the doors
The audience forgot me
Dreary black & white corpse
Dressed up like a puppet
On strings i crush my bones

Its all about you
Still now i cant fucking let go
And you crush me gleefully
even i do it for you now

Painting over my lament
Tracks you ignore
Towing tears
Stuck in a loop
I dont want you
I dont want to let you down

Someone wake me
Someone wake me
Still basking in this coma
Dead inside
Dont wake me