Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wake the dead

Peering through pink frosting
& fairy floss
Lolling on my own thoughts
Lagging alone
Shredded veins on silver
Only the ink saves me

Imagine all the be I could
Letting it lie
Cause even when im screaming
I cant wake the dead inside

Behind the facade i watch
Write the better nightmare
You took the good stuff
You didnt even want
If i could only reach me
On my old star id burn again

Try & catch on to something
Someone who might care
Imagine you there
Too close so on i roll
Alone and hollow
Built of stone

Carving my dream into yours
Closing all the doors
The audience forgot me
Dreary black & white corpse
Dressed up like a puppet
On strings i crush my bones

Its all about you
Still now i cant fucking let go
And you crush me gleefully
even i do it for you now

Painting over my lament
Tracks you ignore
Towing tears
Stuck in a loop
I dont want you
I dont want to let you down

Someone wake me
Someone wake me
Still basking in this coma
Dead inside
Dont wake me

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