Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spare the rod, spoil the dog

The old matches
Struck against her cheek
Only a few more boxes
Ready for war

Amazing what she can do
Because she has no choice
Thought she was broken
She is the rising voice

Bearing arms
Quickening the rise
Up against the wall
Up against the rocking hard place

Hung her cage up
Around the dogs
Save her heart for fuel
Sparing them the rod

Sharp to slanted sticks
Clearing the debris from
Soldiers that never asked to fight
Soldiers that never asked to fight.

Maul you its her fault
Bite you its her fault
Spare the rod
Spoil the dog
Spare the rod 
Spoil the dog
Spoil the rod
Spare the dog

Most innocent of occasion
Dripping licks of hunger
The floor returns nothing but spoils
Nothing but spoilt surprise

The convicts rise
Beyond their station
The fury of fear
Unleashed on the tyrant

Now you respect her
Respect the beast in fear
Branded in furious terror
The monster lives here

Maul you its her fault
Bite you its her fault
Spare the rod
Spoil the dog
Spare the rod 
Spoil the dog
Spoil the rod
Spare the dog

She is the rising voice
You are the shrinking tyrant
Your soul charge
Destroyed a soul.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Get it right

Cant you be the 
Thing i get right

I see you
Could be something
With me something
With me

But can you see me?
Do you have the eyes that see inside?
Can you see me?
Do you want to see at all?

Try not to look
Too hard
See whats not there

Till i find
The heart
That wants to fit with mine

Your lips look perfect to me
Ive seen you before in a dream
Look too closely
Youll see youd be perfect for me

I make
Can you be the
Thing i get right?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Corporate Anarchy

Kick off your sheets
Youre getting weak
Shuffling the same old dead end street ya
Chew your food like a mule
Youre a fucking tool
Heading to a dead end job that makes you druel!

Cor-por-ate slavery
Making all that gravy
Corporate an-arch-y
Infiltrating the man from the inside out, into the street! 

Paper trail like a goddamn nail
And your head 
It is dead from the stupid mess
Tearing clothes that they dress you in
Like a whore what is more they
Tip you over the edge

Cor-por-ate slavery
Wasting all that gravy
Corporate an-arch-y
Meeting demands from the man from the inside out, hes gotta bleed! 

Lazy bosses
Fucking tossers
Bills come in
Paycheques pretty thin
Stupid paper
Fuck i hate ya
You fucking scab
This is the worst 9-5 ive ever had

Blow off this week
Gonna drop in the street 
So damn sick of this rhetoric
They changed the post again
So they can feel like a man
Rather be getting laid, but i gotta get paid cause 

Cor-por-ate slavery
Fat cats in the gravy
Corporate an-arch-y
Breaking down the man from the inside out, and then repeat! 

And then repeat
And then repeat

Friday, March 14, 2014

World on broken feet

Cant believe i might miss this
I want to see each day
Same as back home 
Eleven years & you went away

Crumbling insides seas
Cant make them go on forever
Crumbling inside me
Cant nearly go on forever

See the same eyes of mine
In yours burning deep
See the passage of time
Might see the same fate creep

Crumbling inside seas
Cant hold back the waves forever
Crashing inside me
Want to watch you grow for forever

Will i see the same black cat
Breaking down in my doorway
Will there be the same day that
You'll be standing in the driveway

Come eat inside me
Come sleep inside me
Come creep inside me
Cant fight them, baby

Cant shake this feeling
I might not be there
I hate the feeling
One day your heart might bear this on its own

Crashing inside me
Wars go on forever
I break inside me
Ill watch you for forever

Wont miss a step
Wont miss a beat
I cant do this forever
The world on broken feet

Creeping inside me
Crawling for too long
Beating inside me
Sometimes shit goes wrong
And the void that lingers on & on & on

Cant believe i might miss this
Dont want to see the day
Same as back home 
Eleven years still
Every second
Every minute
Every year
Till this day.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear hunter

Picking straight the edge
Dripping red blade sails
Tools of the trade
Glistening silver lining

Clear as crystal
The thought that you can rest
Sold bones the dealer glows
With such easy gait

And tools are shined and
Till you are ready keep shining
The plan in your mind

The glimmer of the
Falsest promise is the targeted
Point of entry to the
Life theyll leave behind

So finally each piece
Is pulled together like the
Old gold watch that ticks down
His only moments left

This time its your silver that is
Wrapped so carefully and gleaming
Waiting for the crimson sheen
To finally warm its bones and cool his chest

So candid along those streets 
Now filling with the dusk and dank
Dispel all other thoughts now
With intention, dear hunter

And aloft his glass is raised again
Like so many times you watched before
Mercilessly he unclocks with a clock 
Unhinging the lady at whim

And bleeding back down has rocked more
Than a few pretties youve seen
Dangling in the afterthoughts
And flush with blue & purple

Not another waste tonight though
Just the purest of intention clicks over
Steel pinging in your jacket
For any passer caring to listen

But each faceless face passed by with
A deserted smile in his 9-5
Too involved to get involved
You smoulder on your pathway

The kill is looming

Thursday, January 30, 2014


A fucking rat
Gifted from six of your seven
You hit the evening breeze with the faint smell of death
To put your simple mind at E Z E

Enough to bite 
Enough to chew
Ripping right through enough to 
Fill your fucking bones
Enough to want a little

Oh the decadence
You once enjoyed the fruits off
Some other mans back
Some other man was eating rats

But now youre the man
Filling the score
Wanting for more
Being the whore
And watching him waste the core

Gifted from six of your seven senses
But the seventh demon neglected to mention
The instrument

Ready the prize for all your effort
Steady your eyes for all thats left
Its a ready disease 
Plaguing you with E Z E

Ripened fable
Gracing yourself with
Crooks & killers and scamps
And monsters and zombies and
Ants and vultures and demons and
Cramps and losers and lamps 
And villains and rats and wrath and
Rats and
rats and
rats and
rats and

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brick as you

You are just a fucking

Your useless wastage
Boring my system with your accolades 
Again with this tyrade
At most you have my apathy

Youve bluntened your edges
Your soggy & sour scent
Burning my nostrils
With feted & foul stench

Can i just dance over until i find your grave
I want to be the one that
Kicks you in your
Caveing in your ribs &
Burdening your brain with my
Toes smoshing in your grey
You dont matter

You are just a useless fucking

to my goddamn senses
You are the bludgeoning hole of
Gurgling blood from useless bones and
Scoured teeth broken

Like dog snot in the sun
Wetting your chest with irony and filth
It takes all of me to come along & pet
Your little head with pure distain

And sordid soul you dont deserve
Mingling with the mongrel that you are
Vomiting your face out of your
Dirty corpse & loathsome skin

Filthying my feet to crush in your
Useless bones and every irony
That a brick like you could continue to live
Without being stomped is beyond me.


Another year inside this crushing rib cage
Crib cage
Another wonder ruined 
Another wonder dry
That taste in your mouth
The chalk of grinding teeth

Swallowing back snot
Stifling inner voice
Reminding you that no ones there
The empty chair
Stained from the last now left bleeding

Heart pumping fluid to nowhere
Blackened crust
Crushed coal 
Ache-ed soul
Didnt need it anyway

Cradling that last modicum of care
Like if it flickers out
The lighthouse will never be found again
In the light youll never share

Brittle bones of air
Speckle through your once attach-ed heart
Like an artist prying placing digging
The design carved into glass past

The war will remain open 
Coveted to remember the age when
Yes you did dance
Wonderment and chance bent slightly
Overflowing like you thought it would till bone dry crackles on

Heavy & floundering
Made to walk again the streets
Once you knew so well and
Empty full of strangers
Jostling the moonlight stare

Blankly by 
Straight inside you to the spot
Buried deep in the wall
Crusting over like the eyes of infection
Weeping like the oozing sores you badly puttied over hoping to hide

But you know its there
You know its there
You peel back the layers of wallpaper
But see through every paisley page

Monday, January 20, 2014


Lying on the floor here
Dressed up in mess of lace 
Drain the life away from me

Daddy says to pay no mind
Just dry my eyes & smile a smile dear
Let it slip behind

I twist & contort in my sleep i
Melt into a shard of ice
On dripping sheets 

And hollowed out the whispers near
And further drift away from here
Burrowing deeper in my mind

Close down the world
Lock up the streets
Dont you touch me touch me touch me - Fucking sleep
Rest your aching feet
Close your eyes and ill break you break you 
break down into a sideshow

Shutting down the inside in
-side basket walls and madness spin
-ning in & out of consciousness

Cant tear enough of outside ground
To build a bridge to burn it down
Canibalising what is left of within

Tearing chunks out of my skin 
The ugly knot that grows within
I want to make the outside match

Left to the inner voice that speaks 
My inner demons rhetorics
What part of me is left to eat?

Saturday, January 4, 2014


My wooden cup has found me
Curled up inside my ribs
Swimming in a pool of full and
Grinning from wrist to wrist

Im shaking now ive found you
Youre tempering the void
And focussing my inside so
I cannot be ignored

I am a leaf on the wind
I am a crackling leaf ghost floating dream
I am a leaf on the 
Breeze flows through my veins
& I am just a leaf on the wind

Youve a face on each angle
A smile on each side
You're 21 mouthes with 
14 sets of eyes

Im sinking my feet in
& grounding inside
My soul of stone shores
My home mountain sky

Anna Underage

Oh there she walks -
Anna Underage
Can count off the boys shes had
Standing up on the stage
I dont know you
But you know me
From that time you
In tro duced your

Self hate again
(Theres the boy that i had last time we met)
Self hate again
(And heres the new upgrade since last shout out, ive had another set)
Whats up with you
(You know shes only 16, you know shes only 16)
Self hate again
(Woah! Woah! Woah!
Woah! Woah!)

Oh here she comes Again
Anna underage
They check my ID 
but somehow shes gotten in here
I know its good yo
I know the bands rock!
About now she sidles up and
In-tro-duces her


Oh anna, oh anna
(Be the band see the band breathe the band)
Oh anna, oh anna
(Shes the man, hes the man, hes the gooddamn ex)
Oh anna, oh anna
(The girl goes crazy for it)
Oh anna, oh annaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


(Outro) [acoustic]
Self hate again
(Remember me from when i was sleeping with your friend)
Self hate again
(You never added me on facebook, whats the deal there?)
Whats up with you
(Ohhh anna. Ooh, anna.)
Self hate again


What if im just plain crazy 
not sane crazy
The world makes sense less today
Still here anyway

A pound of people 
Ground of people
No hope for the masses
Hiding underneath stern glasses

Glasses of a man tutting in their ears
Feeding all their fears
Until every last question disappears
Heavy glasses of a man tutting in their ears
Feeding all the fears
And they coast in low gear

Steady walk towards the grave
Just too plain tired to misbehave
Easier on a leash than
Being the guy out fighting power on the streets

Did i swallow the madness or did the madness swallow me? 
Do you play with madness or does the madness play with he?

What if im just plain crazy 
not sane crazy
The world makes sense less today
Pushing on anyway

Wallets got green lining while youre lying
Face down in the gutterball
So they just dont look down at all
Cant see a problem no more 

When the abyss stares into you, does it see you or just the abyss inside you? Maybe its not an abyss that youre staring down at all...

Man from Vietnam

oure like nothing that ive seen
Youre the demon in my dream
The drawn on devils wing
The be & end of everything

Youre the only puzzle box
Id have the key & not unlock
Id option, wait to one day see 
If one day you might unlock me

Rice paper man riddle
Ride the real world
Three porcelain warriors
Told me about you
Rice paper man puzzle 
Feted sword river raging
A man in a dream told me
One day youd black the moon

So familiar i look over
Quizzical like i know you
Like we've met & you know me
From somewhere ive never seen

Inked onto scrolled paper
Black symbols, red color
How could i once know
But i know i dont though

The ship sailing over
The edge of the world where
The water is creeping
To slow feet of fleeting

Cage of lies

tep off the world
Glass ceiling 
makes your mind believe
Its what youre seeing

But we're tipping off the tippy toe
With no return or place to go
We're rolling over onto rage
We believe we're safest in this cage 

of lies
Cage of lies
Cage of lies
The days of defiance are upon us right

Now - we're talking
Soldiering on though
Still walking
Dont want to believe
What youre seeing
Still wandering blind
Simply being - in this cage 

of lies
Cage of lies
Cage of lies
The days of defiance are upon us right

Now - is the second 
and the chance to fight 
The day of reckoning
To make a change for the better
Or to fall for the worst
And keep this cage

of lies
Cage of lies
Cage of lies
The days of defiance are upon us right?

No one will stand alone
We're all just flesh and bone
Fear & rage & self control
Everything that we've been told
If no one stands then we all suffer
But if we stand with our brother
Steadfast solidarity
Freedom is never free

Step off the world
Glass ceiling 
makes your mind believe
Its what youre seeing

Love is a riot

She all thinks shes different
He all thinks shes the same
Such a shame. Shame, now shame her
She deserves it anyway

Love. Its a riot.
So calm yourself & take a breath
The worst is yet to come yet
Yet to come yet
Shake your foundations &
Make you question your truth
Love. Its a riot.
So laugh now. 

Once again the pieces of your
Headlessness embraced you face
Another path thats empty just
Another goddamn race

Be more or less uptight unwind now
Just a little just to see if it 
Could make a lick of difference to the
One that doesnt want she and

She breaks her bones to make it work
He looks at her like she is worthless
Breathless makes the strong fall weaker
Crumble behind the scar thats deeper

Love. Its a riot.
So calm yourself & take a breath
The worst is yet to come yet -
Yet to come yet
Shake your foundations &
Make you question your truth
Love. Its a riot.
So laugh now. 

Laugh now.

Can you find it hidden
Staring out of your abyss
Is she the sparkle in his eye or
Is she just the absys? 
Cause amour breaks your armour when
It should protect you
so in you fall with love and watch it frozen from
That which you would want it most cause 

Love. Yeah, Its a riot.
So calm yourself & take a breath
The worst is yet to come yet -
Yet to come yet
Shake your foundations &
Make you question your truth
Love. Its a riot.
So laugh now. 

Laugh now
Im laughing 
What a fucking joke.