Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Another year inside this crushing rib cage
Crib cage
Another wonder ruined 
Another wonder dry
That taste in your mouth
The chalk of grinding teeth

Swallowing back snot
Stifling inner voice
Reminding you that no ones there
The empty chair
Stained from the last now left bleeding

Heart pumping fluid to nowhere
Blackened crust
Crushed coal 
Ache-ed soul
Didnt need it anyway

Cradling that last modicum of care
Like if it flickers out
The lighthouse will never be found again
In the light youll never share

Brittle bones of air
Speckle through your once attach-ed heart
Like an artist prying placing digging
The design carved into glass past

The war will remain open 
Coveted to remember the age when
Yes you did dance
Wonderment and chance bent slightly
Overflowing like you thought it would till bone dry crackles on

Heavy & floundering
Made to walk again the streets
Once you knew so well and
Empty full of strangers
Jostling the moonlight stare

Blankly by 
Straight inside you to the spot
Buried deep in the wall
Crusting over like the eyes of infection
Weeping like the oozing sores you badly puttied over hoping to hide

But you know its there
You know its there
You peel back the layers of wallpaper
But see through every paisley page

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