Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Brick as you

You are just a fucking

Your useless wastage
Boring my system with your accolades 
Again with this tyrade
At most you have my apathy

Youve bluntened your edges
Your soggy & sour scent
Burning my nostrils
With feted & foul stench

Can i just dance over until i find your grave
I want to be the one that
Kicks you in your
Caveing in your ribs &
Burdening your brain with my
Toes smoshing in your grey
You dont matter

You are just a useless fucking

to my goddamn senses
You are the bludgeoning hole of
Gurgling blood from useless bones and
Scoured teeth broken

Like dog snot in the sun
Wetting your chest with irony and filth
It takes all of me to come along & pet
Your little head with pure distain

And sordid soul you dont deserve
Mingling with the mongrel that you are
Vomiting your face out of your
Dirty corpse & loathsome skin

Filthying my feet to crush in your
Useless bones and every irony
That a brick like you could continue to live
Without being stomped is beyond me.

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