Saturday, January 4, 2014

Anna Underage

Oh there she walks -
Anna Underage
Can count off the boys shes had
Standing up on the stage
I dont know you
But you know me
From that time you
In tro duced your

Self hate again
(Theres the boy that i had last time we met)
Self hate again
(And heres the new upgrade since last shout out, ive had another set)
Whats up with you
(You know shes only 16, you know shes only 16)
Self hate again
(Woah! Woah! Woah!
Woah! Woah!)

Oh here she comes Again
Anna underage
They check my ID 
but somehow shes gotten in here
I know its good yo
I know the bands rock!
About now she sidles up and
In-tro-duces her


Oh anna, oh anna
(Be the band see the band breathe the band)
Oh anna, oh anna
(Shes the man, hes the man, hes the gooddamn ex)
Oh anna, oh anna
(The girl goes crazy for it)
Oh anna, oh annaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


(Outro) [acoustic]
Self hate again
(Remember me from when i was sleeping with your friend)
Self hate again
(You never added me on facebook, whats the deal there?)
Whats up with you
(Ohhh anna. Ooh, anna.)
Self hate again

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