Thursday, January 30, 2014


A fucking rat
Gifted from six of your seven
You hit the evening breeze with the faint smell of death
To put your simple mind at E Z E

Enough to bite 
Enough to chew
Ripping right through enough to 
Fill your fucking bones
Enough to want a little

Oh the decadence
You once enjoyed the fruits off
Some other mans back
Some other man was eating rats

But now youre the man
Filling the score
Wanting for more
Being the whore
And watching him waste the core

Gifted from six of your seven senses
But the seventh demon neglected to mention
The instrument

Ready the prize for all your effort
Steady your eyes for all thats left
Its a ready disease 
Plaguing you with E Z E

Ripened fable
Gracing yourself with
Crooks & killers and scamps
And monsters and zombies and
Ants and vultures and demons and
Cramps and losers and lamps 
And villains and rats and wrath and
Rats and
rats and
rats and
rats and

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