Monday, January 20, 2014


Lying on the floor here
Dressed up in mess of lace 
Drain the life away from me

Daddy says to pay no mind
Just dry my eyes & smile a smile dear
Let it slip behind

I twist & contort in my sleep i
Melt into a shard of ice
On dripping sheets 

And hollowed out the whispers near
And further drift away from here
Burrowing deeper in my mind

Close down the world
Lock up the streets
Dont you touch me touch me touch me - Fucking sleep
Rest your aching feet
Close your eyes and ill break you break you 
break down into a sideshow

Shutting down the inside in
-side basket walls and madness spin
-ning in & out of consciousness

Cant tear enough of outside ground
To build a bridge to burn it down
Canibalising what is left of within

Tearing chunks out of my skin 
The ugly knot that grows within
I want to make the outside match

Left to the inner voice that speaks 
My inner demons rhetorics
What part of me is left to eat?

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