Sunday, May 26, 2013

Miss Perfect

only like me when im drinking
only like me when my mind stops thinking
think i break the peices 
ruin every single night but
You only like me when im drinking

Drink it down
Now you like me
Drink it down
Lets not fight
Drink it down
Let your mind gaze
Drink it down
Drink it down

Drink it down
Dont you like me
Drink it down
Lets just fight
Drink it down
Set me ablaze
Ill Drink it down
Drink it down

Am i miss perfect now x 3

ARGH! Swallow back down gorgeous 
youre perfect in this state of flux just keep it clear now dont breathe dont change youre in a dream your nightmare perfect nightmare perfect

Vision blurs to carbon
Night is spiral blurring drain
Faces melting into breathing
Floating through the walls are bleeding

Drink me
Drink me
Drink me
Drink it down
Drink me
Drink me
Drink me
Drink it down

The Rejection

I live while the whole world dies
Better than you
The rejections in 
The reflections in
You remember when 
you said youd love me forever
Did i miss it?

The rejections in
The afflictions in
No more me to give
Wont try to forgive
Just try & take 
the rejection

Yeah i see that its over
Didnt want to but somehow
You let the pain overpower
You could have taken it all
That was before
Just gotta man up now
take the rejection

Yeah you took it so easy
Yeah you took it lying down
Not even worth fighting for
I guess i should have known
Yeah you let me walk away
Had no time to let me stay
Breathe easy sugar
I understand now.

Kissing ghosts

Drowning in my own stream of consciousness
Kissing ghosts & kaleidoscopes
Im gonna remember. 
Oh yes im going to remember

I know the curves of your skin
Gonna watch them when im drowning
Want to touch again
1700 clicks away 
Ill be back for you
Coming back for someday

Back to the paperback pages im retired
I tweet but dont exist behind your eyes
Smooth like death
You are coffee crystal meth
Damaged & beautiful
Any place i hang myself is home

Burning silence here tonight
The noise of faces here is white
I feel like i need to touch their faces so i can see
So they can see me. 
Stop, shrinking violent.
Burning silence here

There is no phoenix in the fire
Just scattering ashes
A slower burn onto desire
Just angry sex & screaming matches


High & Dry

River city she 
sleeps in tears
All the seconds come and go
And slowly disappear - Wish you were here frozen into fear & loathing

Break down the ice in my heart
Fragmented town alas she breathes
Again im failing falling framing you
Im churning in my gears

My city is drowning
While you bitch while you cry
All aboard this bloody mess youre gonna 
Die when its over
In a blink of an eye
Your island is ten feet underground
And i? I am high & dry

Four foot and then she slushes
Greeting you with burning bushes
Follow her awake
Just fallow her away
Five foot and im chilling underground
Im sinking
Blinking masked and drinking

River city she 
burns down over
Fallling to rebuild like a bird
She flies with wings unclipped in garnered cage
Such a willing sage

Charred black and red 
For before she sweats a fucking little whore
Whos eyes are open he sees near
Your eyes are taken empty she is clear!

Nerd smurfing

Im not the empty shell i thought i was
You reminded me theres more to me than just insane

Pre chorus
Im gonna own the world
(Im gonna)
Im gonna break you all 
(Im gonna)
Im gonna step this up and let the mayhem and madness consume my brain

Irony kicks and Now shes a bitch
All the carpets uneven as you pickup sticks shes gonna
Hammer your war and nail your balls to the wall
Uh huh....
Shes going nerd smurfing

Verse 2 
Im not the sound voice of reason that you take me for
Yeah calm blue ocean outside, but insides padded walls

Collect all the icons
And reveal your stealth yeah
Your manas all mine & surrender your health
All the trekkies are sexy
star wars geeks are my aim
All the gamers and the scienticians fucking drive me insane!


Oh im full of myself, what do you think i was?
You reminded me that more & more of me is insane


Thinking of sending you to hell cause youre not as hot as me 
Because your beard is fucking swell and youre so damned tasty
Yeah Ill bury her long before my bones turn bleach
Cause ive got a perfect vision, youre the stone in my peach yeah

Youre the biggest rock!
But youre the biggest cock
Head, this side of sin city
Youre the cheesiest smile
And only once in a while
I need, need, need
Oh i need to see you breathe

Thinkin of burning all my bridges & just leaving this place
Cause all the men are bitches and they have no taste
And im so damned picky
With my standards so low
And theres no apple in my eye to tell the ice from the snow

Youve got the biggest rock!
But youre the biggest cock
Head, this side of sin city
Youre the cheesiest smile
And only once in a while
I need, need, need
i only need to breathe

What has hell got in mind for me
Cause im going blind and on a roll like the endless i cant sea
Dont you give me a break
Cause im the venom to your snake
If youre awake youre gonna break

Youve got the biggest rock!
But youre the biggest cock
Head, this side of sin city
Youre the cheesiest smile
And only once in a while
I need, need, need
Oh i only need to breathe

An iron in love

An iron in love

Im not in love
Im self obsessed
I want to eat
Into your mess

How i would be
Adorned in your bones
I slide them out of you
And sew them in my throne

Ignore the mirror
Garden of sand and glass
How long can i sink
paperblades ride
How long till i sink
Can I fill your mouth with bugs yet?

Face into the water
Brace yourself
The blurst is yet to come
Cyanide sinking breath

I want to watch
Your clever toes are blinking
Moss in your veins
You say you're a free man

Iron filings spew out 
And piercing grey statues
Curls of cream & mice
Lineup and swipe

I smile in the knife
Balance back in
Turn it myself
Youve taught me well

Its back to the cage
Fold it up
In my pocket
Ill keep it for safe keeping. 

The demon

Im locked in here
With you
Ill never escape if i run
Ill die
And here youll be
Haunting me
Running your nails along the walls of my mind. 

What im most afraid of?
the demon that haunts my nightmares
Nothing out there comes close
I parade my own private horrors
in here with you
To think i always tell you
To think id listen still after all these years of lies

I cant silence your tiny tinny voice
Reminding me what i am
You tell me
Remind me
Im the horror
That fucking miserable child
I try forget

Years blocked from my mind
People who pretend
Yes, i thought i was your friend
And all the while
With a smile. I dont need you
But maybe i do.
I hate that you fuel it and im in here
Wasting thoughts on you

The omnipotent nightmare
I scream but there is no hiding
I drown you i drown you
But steady
Your voice i can still hear it banging
On and on
Tearing at my skin like an animal
Picking at my bones
Looking through me & seeing
Reminding me
Blinding me
Here i lie

And not a word to raise me from this crushing fate
I could run another 1600 miles and
Still here
You would be here
The fate i cant escape
Eyes i cant help but look in
The nightmare i cant be free
The demon
Swallowing my soul
My heart
My pride
Is me. 

Burrowed time

Wallowing in the darkness
Spit, swallow down the tar
Heavy feet arc over each other
Yes i know what i are

Your world spins around me
Try being something
I know im not - this shape
Functioning like rape

The world is sane
But inside my eyes you die
The worlds insane
Inside the world i die

Beating blood noses
My heartbeat limps away
Want to tear the universe down
Every even move betrays

Gather my demons
The only ones that stay
Drowning in faces
Empty eyes. Soul dies.

not even the beast
Just another cage
Or id run away
Concrete feet.

Spiral down
Not even welcome here
Cant kill the enemy
Burrowed here in me