Sunday, May 26, 2013

High & Dry

River city she 
sleeps in tears
All the seconds come and go
And slowly disappear - Wish you were here frozen into fear & loathing

Break down the ice in my heart
Fragmented town alas she breathes
Again im failing falling framing you
Im churning in my gears

My city is drowning
While you bitch while you cry
All aboard this bloody mess youre gonna 
Die when its over
In a blink of an eye
Your island is ten feet underground
And i? I am high & dry

Four foot and then she slushes
Greeting you with burning bushes
Follow her awake
Just fallow her away
Five foot and im chilling underground
Im sinking
Blinking masked and drinking

River city she 
burns down over
Fallling to rebuild like a bird
She flies with wings unclipped in garnered cage
Such a willing sage

Charred black and red 
For before she sweats a fucking little whore
Whos eyes are open he sees near
Your eyes are taken empty she is clear!

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