Sunday, May 26, 2013

The demon

Im locked in here
With you
Ill never escape if i run
Ill die
And here youll be
Haunting me
Running your nails along the walls of my mind. 

What im most afraid of?
the demon that haunts my nightmares
Nothing out there comes close
I parade my own private horrors
in here with you
To think i always tell you
To think id listen still after all these years of lies

I cant silence your tiny tinny voice
Reminding me what i am
You tell me
Remind me
Im the horror
That fucking miserable child
I try forget

Years blocked from my mind
People who pretend
Yes, i thought i was your friend
And all the while
With a smile. I dont need you
But maybe i do.
I hate that you fuel it and im in here
Wasting thoughts on you

The omnipotent nightmare
I scream but there is no hiding
I drown you i drown you
But steady
Your voice i can still hear it banging
On and on
Tearing at my skin like an animal
Picking at my bones
Looking through me & seeing
Reminding me
Blinding me
Here i lie

And not a word to raise me from this crushing fate
I could run another 1600 miles and
Still here
You would be here
The fate i cant escape
Eyes i cant help but look in
The nightmare i cant be free
The demon
Swallowing my soul
My heart
My pride
Is me. 

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