Sunday, May 26, 2013

An iron in love

An iron in love

Im not in love
Im self obsessed
I want to eat
Into your mess

How i would be
Adorned in your bones
I slide them out of you
And sew them in my throne

Ignore the mirror
Garden of sand and glass
How long can i sink
paperblades ride
How long till i sink
Can I fill your mouth with bugs yet?

Face into the water
Brace yourself
The blurst is yet to come
Cyanide sinking breath

I want to watch
Your clever toes are blinking
Moss in your veins
You say you're a free man

Iron filings spew out 
And piercing grey statues
Curls of cream & mice
Lineup and swipe

I smile in the knife
Balance back in
Turn it myself
Youve taught me well

Its back to the cage
Fold it up
In my pocket
Ill keep it for safe keeping. 

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