Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kissing ghosts

Drowning in my own stream of consciousness
Kissing ghosts & kaleidoscopes
Im gonna remember. 
Oh yes im going to remember

I know the curves of your skin
Gonna watch them when im drowning
Want to touch again
1700 clicks away 
Ill be back for you
Coming back for someday

Back to the paperback pages im retired
I tweet but dont exist behind your eyes
Smooth like death
You are coffee crystal meth
Damaged & beautiful
Any place i hang myself is home

Burning silence here tonight
The noise of faces here is white
I feel like i need to touch their faces so i can see
So they can see me. 
Stop, shrinking violent.
Burning silence here

There is no phoenix in the fire
Just scattering ashes
A slower burn onto desire
Just angry sex & screaming matches


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