Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nerd smurfing

Im not the empty shell i thought i was
You reminded me theres more to me than just insane

Pre chorus
Im gonna own the world
(Im gonna)
Im gonna break you all 
(Im gonna)
Im gonna step this up and let the mayhem and madness consume my brain

Irony kicks and Now shes a bitch
All the carpets uneven as you pickup sticks shes gonna
Hammer your war and nail your balls to the wall
Uh huh....
Shes going nerd smurfing

Verse 2 
Im not the sound voice of reason that you take me for
Yeah calm blue ocean outside, but insides padded walls

Collect all the icons
And reveal your stealth yeah
Your manas all mine & surrender your health
All the trekkies are sexy
star wars geeks are my aim
All the gamers and the scienticians fucking drive me insane!


Oh im full of myself, what do you think i was?
You reminded me that more & more of me is insane

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