Saturday, January 4, 2014

Man from Vietnam

oure like nothing that ive seen
Youre the demon in my dream
The drawn on devils wing
The be & end of everything

Youre the only puzzle box
Id have the key & not unlock
Id option, wait to one day see 
If one day you might unlock me

Rice paper man riddle
Ride the real world
Three porcelain warriors
Told me about you
Rice paper man puzzle 
Feted sword river raging
A man in a dream told me
One day youd black the moon

So familiar i look over
Quizzical like i know you
Like we've met & you know me
From somewhere ive never seen

Inked onto scrolled paper
Black symbols, red color
How could i once know
But i know i dont though

The ship sailing over
The edge of the world where
The water is creeping
To slow feet of fleeting

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