Thursday, February 20, 2014

Dear hunter

Picking straight the edge
Dripping red blade sails
Tools of the trade
Glistening silver lining

Clear as crystal
The thought that you can rest
Sold bones the dealer glows
With such easy gait

And tools are shined and
Till you are ready keep shining
The plan in your mind

The glimmer of the
Falsest promise is the targeted
Point of entry to the
Life theyll leave behind

So finally each piece
Is pulled together like the
Old gold watch that ticks down
His only moments left

This time its your silver that is
Wrapped so carefully and gleaming
Waiting for the crimson sheen
To finally warm its bones and cool his chest

So candid along those streets 
Now filling with the dusk and dank
Dispel all other thoughts now
With intention, dear hunter

And aloft his glass is raised again
Like so many times you watched before
Mercilessly he unclocks with a clock 
Unhinging the lady at whim

And bleeding back down has rocked more
Than a few pretties youve seen
Dangling in the afterthoughts
And flush with blue & purple

Not another waste tonight though
Just the purest of intention clicks over
Steel pinging in your jacket
For any passer caring to listen

But each faceless face passed by with
A deserted smile in his 9-5
Too involved to get involved
You smoulder on your pathway

The kill is looming

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