Friday, March 14, 2014

World on broken feet

Cant believe i might miss this
I want to see each day
Same as back home 
Eleven years & you went away

Crumbling insides seas
Cant make them go on forever
Crumbling inside me
Cant nearly go on forever

See the same eyes of mine
In yours burning deep
See the passage of time
Might see the same fate creep

Crumbling inside seas
Cant hold back the waves forever
Crashing inside me
Want to watch you grow for forever

Will i see the same black cat
Breaking down in my doorway
Will there be the same day that
You'll be standing in the driveway

Come eat inside me
Come sleep inside me
Come creep inside me
Cant fight them, baby

Cant shake this feeling
I might not be there
I hate the feeling
One day your heart might bear this on its own

Crashing inside me
Wars go on forever
I break inside me
Ill watch you for forever

Wont miss a step
Wont miss a beat
I cant do this forever
The world on broken feet

Creeping inside me
Crawling for too long
Beating inside me
Sometimes shit goes wrong
And the void that lingers on & on & on

Cant believe i might miss this
Dont want to see the day
Same as back home 
Eleven years still
Every second
Every minute
Every year
Till this day.

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