Thursday, March 20, 2014

Corporate Anarchy

Kick off your sheets
Youre getting weak
Shuffling the same old dead end street ya
Chew your food like a mule
Youre a fucking tool
Heading to a dead end job that makes you druel!

Cor-por-ate slavery
Making all that gravy
Corporate an-arch-y
Infiltrating the man from the inside out, into the street! 

Paper trail like a goddamn nail
And your head 
It is dead from the stupid mess
Tearing clothes that they dress you in
Like a whore what is more they
Tip you over the edge

Cor-por-ate slavery
Wasting all that gravy
Corporate an-arch-y
Meeting demands from the man from the inside out, hes gotta bleed! 

Lazy bosses
Fucking tossers
Bills come in
Paycheques pretty thin
Stupid paper
Fuck i hate ya
You fucking scab
This is the worst 9-5 ive ever had

Blow off this week
Gonna drop in the street 
So damn sick of this rhetoric
They changed the post again
So they can feel like a man
Rather be getting laid, but i gotta get paid cause 

Cor-por-ate slavery
Fat cats in the gravy
Corporate an-arch-y
Breaking down the man from the inside out, and then repeat! 

And then repeat
And then repeat

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