Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dream Theater - A Nightmare To Remember (Part I)

Ahh, Dream Theater... A band I have loved for very ever, and which by my standard are unrivalled in sheer technical ability & scope. Last night, and for the first time it seems, I really understood what that meant. First, however, let me set the scene...

I arrived at the gig 4 hours early to find a miriad of fans already lined up. In the background, Pain Of Salvation were completing their final checks & the air was thick with anticipation. For myself, this was the first time I had the opportunity to see them live & so I too took great pleasure soaking in the scene.

Pain Of Salvation were a well picked opener & kicked off really well with some awesome Prog Metal. Lead singer & guitarist Daniel Gildenlow first entered stage solo & from silence spewed out some amazing riffage to get the crowd going. Throughout the gig his witty interactions and dynamic vocals had the crowd eating out of his hand and wanting more.

Bass player Per Schelander threw down some really gritty lines & kicked it with some major tap bass throughout the set, while guitarist Johan Hallgren practically owned the croud from the moment he leapt onstage and strapped on his guitar. Token Frenchman Leo Margarit played hard & kept it tight throughout with some really crisp drumming, and Synth player Fredrik Hermansson completed the set with some complex musical phrase.

Overall you could tell that the band had some amazing synergy & were genuinely enjoying themselves on the stage. The final Song "Disco Queen", was almost pop metal, but none the less, had the crowd going off of their own accord, bated & ready for the main act to follow...

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