Friday, July 16, 2010

Little Fingers

You’ve never wished
I never wished again
Breaking little fingers – You.
You left me to learn for myself.

So what have you learned?
What did you teach me?
Do you remember?
That ain’t like the thing I wanted.
Not quite the thing you wanted
Now were here again –

Just breaking little fingers,
Just breaking little fingers.
How did you break your little finger
Did I just break your little finger?

Let it go – let it fester and boil like you mean it.
Let it twist and let it turn
Let it ache and let it burn until it’s gone.

And all the things I say – all the things I do
I changed myself for you.

You wanted it
You thought of it
You needed it
I no longer care

You'll never know
You'll never think again
Breaking little fingers
You’ll never need,
You’ll never want
You’ll never ask again
What makes me this way?

So what do you need?
What can I teach?
I’m sure you might remember that

Ill give you one last lesson
Pay you one last attention then I‘m gone.

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