Friday, September 9, 2011

Dead Star

Dead Star
Arise to meet your maker.
My atoms avast like smooth
Ships from corners of an unknown space & time
In lace & love & time & china.

Broken & hopeless
Dripping white beauty
Blinder than I can see
I dare not mention the world, you.

Torn down in time
the passage of time sways
& the days keep faltering
the doors swing, clocks tock
I await the dead star

Baited breath the toll, tolls
Time windes back, stars relax
The cruel face of nothing turns
on the empty sails that burn
this ship will never sail from your command.

The bones white & bony
Last tune played slow & unknowing
Never smiles the smiles
she waves & dies
No sound she dances to the depths & knows all except

Dead Star
(Broken & Hopeless)
Dead Star
(Dripping white beauty)
Dead Star
(Blinder than I see)
Dead Star
I dare not mention

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