Friday, September 9, 2011

Bookshop's Closed

Music drips from my head
Yes we're here again (here again)
A petty waste of space.

Open me up but my bookshop is closed.
It has been a while -
Dont touch me Im faded, Im jaded.

Is it too late? I tumble like a corkscrew
Through the pages
through the ages
And i would never realise if I never opened my eyes again
Im a lost one.
Lost all over again
Tumble through, just tumble through me.
Let it wash through again.

Like the tracks of time
Trains on a tyrade & you are played
& I am voided - destroyed.
And the pages burn the ages
& the book is gone.

All I have left is this bottle & my tears
& the corner of a book I used to hold.

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