Thursday, November 7, 2013

No fear.

These bones have carried new bones
Whole body now grown & its own
Scars fit to heal & knees to kneel
Carried me longer faster wiser
All the inlets through life
Round about all manner of things
Each moment & every breath the day brings
Process my diseases
Every sniff 
Any mischief i might consider
Every thought ill ever deliver
Walled arms and open legs
Closed minds and openness
Every figure ive known its shown me
Every second ive grown its grown me
I sit
 i stand 
i be
Nothing to present but me
Scared to show me?
The more scared youll never know me.
So drop all your second thoughts & second guesses
Every secret the mind confesses
Each simple gesture saved
And the smallest of signals gave
Feet feeting i creep
Toes & tales strong & weak
The bones & sinew required so this being might continue
Though brittle & breaks
Steps missed & near escapes
All the being i can stand
Palms lined and lined in hand
The crazy days of haze
And hiding away
All carried in this vessel
And rests with heavy eyes
Watching & thinking
Stop your heart from sinking
Proud of every nook & cranny
Crease and wrinkle lock & nail
Perfect i am not - Nor, pray, will ever be.
Just clawed grasps of flesh knitted in time
Fallen on a pail
Wilted into dust
Settled on a pathway


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