Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bend at the knee, guy.

Give me a chance to be who i am
Not just the walking sideshow you dont want to conprehend
Glass isnt half full
I isnt half empty -
I just refuse to be
Anything - but me

Cause im not perfectly bright
Im not perfectly sane
Im not perfectly right

Caught between two worlds i tolerate
Can i be the only one suspended in this state?
Between your world
Between his too
Not quite right for their reality
Not quite right enough for you.

Im too quiet & shy
Always way too "the out there guy"
Far too quiet for the mob
But sorry - youre just not the right look & feel for the 9/5  job

Being twisted between both sides
Dont want to fit into the right set of lies
I have my own rhubix to figure out -
Without filtering it through what you think i "should" be about. 

One step forward
Another straw for my back
Wading through the world
Another step through tar i track


Cause you can be you as much as you want to be
Just dont expect its easy when theyve trained humanity
Cause you can be you as much as you want to be
Just dont think it will fit into someone elses version of reality. 

Stay down like a dog
&soon enough you will be
Stand up like a man
And theyll try bend your knees to fit, see?

theres forever been your own internal truth
But so few can commit to be the one that stays up on the roof as 
everyone climbs down eventually
Soon enough the sheep will call you down to face reality

Crumpled, the world embeds like wrinkles
The more sand falls the less time you take for sprinkles
You dont have to see the world like me
Just be the guy that still wants to see. 

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