Monday, August 12, 2013

Drown in the sunshine

You were never rose & light
Just all my days & every night
So much pain & wasted tears
I wanted to waste all my years

Now im on the other side
Im barely dead, barely alive
Youre only just the only one
Not only light, you are the sun

My kingdom for a moment
My kingdom for a horse.
I'd sell my seven seconds
For just one moment more. 

My kingdom for a second
My crown just for a beat
My crushed being for a lifetime
Splinters unnoticed at your feet

You were never rose & light
Just every reason, every fight
You were so right you were so wrong
You are the muse for every song 

No you were never rose & light
I gave you more than what was right
The rook the castle and the crown
The queen the horses and the town

I was just a shadow there
And you remain barely aware
Youre still the king & own the land
My broken heart, my soul & hand. 

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