Thursday, August 8, 2013

Scummer Lovin'

Theres a wicked drug 
running through my veins
I cant tell if it causes 
or dulls the pain 
Heavy is the head 
who knows its got a wicked face
Heavy is the heart whos knows its place

Love me im scum

No im not the one
My heart is gone
I lost the one
Im dead inside
Im doomed alive

I try to want the thing 
want the thing i see
I want to see it want to taste
til its wanting me
But then it has no space
Has no pride of place
The hunt is done - live for the chase

Theres a wicked drug 
Running through my veins
Cant tell if it even
Me that remains
Heavy is the sword
Swiftly sailing grace
Hefty is the cost
Of your embrace

We're pumping on a bite
I dont want to keep you
Sick in the night
Your gains are shallow
Cant move youre
Callow cant make that bellow
Movement make your move
Youre not even
The empty shell i thought you were

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