Thursday, August 8, 2013

Strokin egos

Let you linger
Lying in the palm of my
Sweat soaked & disaffected
Palm choke pigeon chested
Ego smile
Bam bam never
Bury you alive
With your sweet damn sugar

Ill Lean back
Dont fuck it up
Lean back & baby just you suck it up
lean on back &
Baby; Come & stroke my ego

Wouldnt melt in your mouth
Could i spit in your grave
But id bite down on your
lip Smile down 
as i grab a hold
Head cocked sideways 
eyes rolling back round

Raught iron blanks
Pulling pranks like taffy
Sweat soaked butter wouldnt
Cuff choke smoking bullets
Evil smiles 
Cut throat baby
Lean back lean back lean back lean!

Seep into your 
goddamn mind
Wide eye & bloody 
bullets Youre mine 
Bite down 
while i pull your hair back
Bend your ear
Let me crawl inside ahhh
Innocent defiler
On fire inspire
Cant see lit smoke burns
Out your fingers 
Like pain its like fame
Ill be taking you
And you cant see down
Simply scream aim tie down 
fire at me

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