Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sell out

The set up sell me straight to the river
Brown breathing water sinking soul of a sinner
Prettiest pink & blondiest hair
Stepping backwards in fear i gotta get outta here

Frozen down on a bed of stone
Eyes searching for a route out to be alone
I need another drink. I need another shot
I need another spirit to hide my stupid black heart

Sell me out!
Dont you feel so dirty
Now we're both cold & got
Nothing to show in our hands
Sell out!
The closer i get
The further i get
The closer you climb
The faster i run - I tear
The faster you sell me out.

Not so easy to sell it off with a smile
Here i was thinking youd be mine in a while
I cant even look now ive pushed right away
Cause the harder you push the further it decays

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