Thursday, August 8, 2013

Made match

World outside in a box
Ill keep you there so safe & cold
Dont dare wrap me into you
Youll tear my darkness from my soul

And im alone and heavy hearted
Black & clean and disregarded
All your shine has worn away
Ill scrub you from my bones someday

Broken head
Stress undress
Licking down a lizard pinned down on the board of my
Broken head
Stress undress
Yes ill smile & keep on pushing cause the day i stop ill have to face you. 

Bricking up
Yes, i see exactly what i do
You want in
I need you so much further off now

See too much
If i could dumb it down would i be happy then?
Thread my fingers through your cheeks
Tear back the flesh to push you back
Could i be happy then?

I dont want to be a match
Ready to burn myself down at any moment
Youre too close to the flame
I cant ever do this again. 

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