Thursday, August 8, 2013

Straight up straight jacket.

Locked down inside
I wont let you in
I am my own private war
Nobody's welcome anymore

Why cant you just
Keep one hand to yourself
Another hand to yourself
Just keep the fuck to your own damn...

Smiling on a wire
Moments away from the attack
Scrape away like teeth
Crawling into their cracks

Want to pour the poison
Im welting outside
So my curse will shed
The blistered on the inside

Black white and red
Too dark to see
Colors fade out
Broken head
Straight down
Straight jacket
Straight up
Three fingers of whiskey
And another empty cup

Hide under layers
Drag me open
Worst book youll read in a while
I condemn this temple

Just want to go
It be okay
Just dont want to be
Hit on today

Ready my arms for folding.

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