Thursday, August 8, 2013

Emo fuck

Sick & tired of life today. 
Sick, i want to run away. 
Sick of being second best. 
Tired of being a fucking mess. 

Over this, just let me go
Too many empty ties & so,
So many useless shattered dreams
So many wasted wanting screams

Sick & tired just let me be
Theres nothing left inside of me
Youve emptied all i have to give
Theres no more reasons left to live

I wish i could just run away
I wish not for another day
My want is darkness, e're to sleep
My empty souls forgotten keep

Youve left me nought, I care not now
And for an end to pain id vow
Not for another tear now please
Im broken crumbled on my knees

Please darkness now entomb my soul
Please close mine eyes, forever
And nothing further please from here
Just vacantness, forever.

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